Introductory Videos

These are introductory videos showing several of the martial arts forms that we play here at the Center for Body-Mind Harmony. To view these videos, use QuickTime Player. In the next few weeks I'll be adding more videos on our Yang style Taij, Taiji Jian (sword), Qigong, and Bagua Qigong.


Intro to Kwen Wu Jian (Sword)
This a short video introducing the Kwen Wu Jian (Sword) form
Kwen Wu
QuickTime video format [86.6 MB]
Bagua Tight Hand
This an introduction to our Yin Style of Baguazhang.
Bagua Tight
QuickTime video format [95.9 MB]
Baji Piqua Combination form
This an introduction to our Baji Paqua Combination form
QuickTime video format [95.4 MB]
Bagua Lu Jiao Dao
This is an introduction video to our Bagua Tight Hand form with our Deer Horn Knives or Lu Jiao Dao
Bagua Lu Jiao
QuickTime video format [99.6 MB]
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