Introductory Videos

These are introductory videos showing several of the martial arts forms that we play here at the Center for Body-Mind Harmony. To view these videos, use QuickTime Player.


Intro to Kwen Wu Jian (Sword)
This a short video introducing the Kwen Wu Jian (Sword) form
Kwen Wu
QuickTime video format [86.6 MB]
Bagua Tight Hand
This an introduction to our Yin Style of Baguazhang.
Bagua Tight
QuickTime video format [95.9 MB]
Baji Piqua Combination form
This an introduction to our Baji Paqua Combination form
QuickTime video format [95.4 MB]
Bagua Lu Jiao Dao
This is an introduction video to our Bagua Tight Hand form with our Deer Horn Knives or Lu Jiao Dao
Bagua Lu Jiao
QuickTime video format [99.6 MB]
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