Photo Gallery

Students win 1st place at the

Great Lakes Martial Arts Tournament 2024



Matt Corsale placed first in Bagua and Stationary Push Hands



Jenna Fisher placed first in

Beginner Taiji

Shifu Harris with the International Womens Group of Hudson and Friends

World Taiji & Qigong Day 2023 at the Shaw JCC

Students playing Taiji and Taiji Jian (Sword)

Students relaxing after playing at the World Taiji and Qigong Day Celebration

Shifu Harris visits with Master Yang in Las Vegas, December 2022

Pictures of the renovation of our new

Martial Arts Center on Bailey Rd.


Here are some pictures showing the progress in renovating the new Center and removing a column we found to be non-functional. After the contractors finished renovating the Center and we starting classes back up, we found we had several areas where rain was coming down through the drop ceiling. The landlord had the contractors come back to seal up the leaks in the roof. During that time we noticed that the column in the center of the Training Hall was non-functional; it was sealed off at the ceiling/roof-line. After getting permission from the landlord we removed the column. It took us close to 6 months to complete the removal, but once it was done, it opened up a new feeling of energy in the Center. We painted and put up decorations. The Center looks great and is feeling very much like "home."

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