Martial Arts Merchandise:

Taiji Uniforms, T-Shirts, Jians, and DVDs

T-shirt with small print on the left chest
T-shirt with large print on the back

T-shirts are in Black or White


Short Sleeve T-Shirts                     $28 each

with BMH logo, front & back          


Long Sleeve T-Shirts                      $38 each

with BMH logo, front & back         


Heavyweight Cotton Pants              $20 each

Sizes 4, 5, & 6


Heavyweight Cotton Jackets           $20 each

Sizes 4, 5, & 6


Polymer CS "Onyx" Jians                $50 each


Polymer Deer Horn Knives              $45 each

(Lu Jiao Dao) 


Metal Deer Horn Knives                  $35 each

(Lu Jiao Dao)


Bo Staffs and Metal Jians (Swords) can be ordered as needed

Yang Style Taiji Videos


  • Grandmaster Liu's abstracted 32 Movement Yang Style Taiji Form performed by Sifu David Schenk: Master David Schenk demonstrates the 32 Moving Form with views from both the front and the back. He teaches various stretches, stances, and training exercises as well as step-by-step instruction in the form.

  Running Time: 45 min. Price: $25


  • Grandmaster Liu's abstracted 32, 45, & 64 Movement Yang Style Taiji Form performed by Master Yang Xiao Dong: This is a 2-DVD set, which is now formatted on a thumb drive,  shows Master Yang playing the 32, 45, and 64 Yang Style Taiji forms. This is a beautifully filmed video with Master Yang showing you each form from several different viewpoints.

   Running Time: 2 hours. Price: $35

For questions, to check availability, or to place a phone order please call 330-524-8189

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