Taijiquan & Martial Arts Styles

Image of "Snake Creeps Down" Tai Ji Quan

Yang Style Taijiquan Forms, abstracted by Grandmaster Liu Yun Qiao:


  • 24 Moving Taijiquan (non-traditional)
  • 32 Moving Taijiquan
  • 45 Moving Taijiquan
  • 64 Moving Taijiquan
  • Taiji Jian
  • Kun Wu Jian

Additional Taiji Forms Taught at the Center

  • 24 Forms Taijiquan, the Traditional Style, also called the Simplified or Beijing Form
  • 80 Moving Taijiquan
  • 8 Step Taiji (This is a new form Shifu Harris put together to help new students become familiar with both the 32 Taiji form and the 24 Taiji form in a shorter period of time. The form is also designed for people confined to wheelchairs, people who need to sit while playing, or for people with limited space to play)
  • 32 Moving Form 1st Level

  • 32 Moving Form 2nd Level

  • Five Element (Wu Xing) Moving: Pi (Metal), Zuan (Water), Beng (Wood), Pao (Fire), Heng (Earth)
  • Five Element Linking Form: Wu Xing Lian Huan Quan
  • Twelve Animals (Shi Er Xing Dong): Long Quan (Dragon), Xiong Quan (Bear), Ma Quan (Horse), Hu Quan (Tiger), Gui Quan (Turtle), She Quan (Snake), Hou Quan (Monkey), Ying Quan (Eagle), Yan Quan (Swallow), Ge Quan (Dove), Ji Quan (Rooster), Diao Quan (Falcon)
  • San Cai Jian (Xingyi sword form)
  • San Cai Jian: Two-person Fighting form
  • Xiao Kai Men (linear & circle walking)
  • Circle Walking with 8 Mother Palms; 64 Moving Forms
  • Tight Hand (Ying Shou)
  • Tight Hand with 8 Mother Palms
  • Bagua Combination Hand Form
  • Bagau Fist
  • Bagua Lu Jiao Dao (Deer Horn Knives)
  • Bagua Hook Swords
  • Bagua Jian
  • Bagua Dao
  • Bagua Double Dao
  • Bagua Needles (Dian Xue Zhen)

Baguazhang includes both barehanded forms and numerous weapons forms. These weapons forms include the traditional staff, spear, broadsword (Dao), and double-edge sword (Jian). Also included are a few weapons that are unique to Baguazhang, such as the Deerhorn Knives (Lu Jiao Dao) and the Spinning Steel Needles (Dian Xue Zhen). Double weapons are common due to the dual handedness of attacks. Open hand forms are fluid and always moving. There is little emphasis on static stance training. The energy is derived from "walking the circle" with the waist twisted and the hands open. The types of energy commonly spoken of in Baguazhang are Gun, Zuan, Zheng, and Guo for the arms; Qi, Luo, Bai, and Hou for the legs; and Ning, Xuan, Zou, and Zhuan for the body.


With proper instruction and diligent practice Baguazhang through its fusion of philosophy, qigong, and martial arts can be both a highly effective means of self-defense and a mechanism for promoting physical and spiritual well being.

Our Baji comes to us from the Grandmaster Li Shu Wen who instructed the late Grandmaster Liu Yun Qiao.

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